Cornerstone Baptist Church was established as a mission work of the Rolling Acres Baptist Church of Tioga, Louisiana, Fred Kelsey, pastor on May 29, 1983. Les and Jackie Gore, former members of 1st Baptist Church, Peaceful Valley, Colorado Springs, Colorado had recently been stationed at Ft. Polk, LA. They had contacted Bro. Kelsey to obtain church authority for a new work in the Leesville, Ft. Polk area. Services began in their quarters on Dietz drive as they began to look for a place to meet. Bro. Kelsey would preach for them on Sunday afternoons.

The Gore’s found a place to rent in July of1983 and the same month Bro. Steve Shebs candidated for the pastorate of the new mission. His wife Brenda had worked with the Gore family on a bus route in Colorado Springs. Bro. Shebs was invited by the church to be the pastor and arrived in Leesville on September 20, 1983. After several months of soul winning enough people had been saved and baptized into membership to organize the mission into a church. The church was organized on December 10, 1983 with 15 charter members and Bro. Shebs was ordained to the gospel ministry and called as the first pastor of the church.

In April of 1984 the church assumed the mortgage of a church closing its doors and acquired the property on Jeane Chapel road. A Sunday school building was constructed in 1985 and work on a new auditorium was begun in 1990 which was completed in 1992. A base closure and realignment occurred at Ft. Polk in 1994 and the church lost all but 4 families due to the deactivation of the 5th Division and the arrival of the JRTC. The church rebuilt over the next several years. New property for future expansion was purchased in 2006.

Cornerstone Baptist Church began supporting its first missionary in October 1983, and sent out its first missionary in September of 1992. By the year 2003 the church was the sending church for six missionary families. While some of these have left the field the church still sponsors two missionary families and supports 45 other missionary families and projects. Since the year 2000, the pastor and some of the men have made several overseas missions trips to Europe and Southeast Asia, and the church is involved in “Light in the 10/40 Window,” reaching into the most populated areas in the world. The church always wants to keep a missions emphasis in its activities.

Being a military work the church has seen many families come and go over the years. Recently the daughter of one of the original families and her husband and family joined the church. The church celebrated its 30th anniversary on December 10, 2013. Pastor Shebs and his wife are still leading the ministry of the church. You are cordially invited to visit and if the Lord should lead, become a part of a ministry reaching out to the US Military, the surrounding community, and the uttermost part of the world.

Our History